Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rezko International Airport

Quick flights out of country I guess...

Ozinga asks in a Press Release,

In the wake of Bryant's revelations, Debbie Halvorson owes her constituents honest answers to the following questions:

Ø Did Halvorson ever meet with Rezko or Rezko's associates about the Third Airport?

Ø If so, did Halvorson sponsor Senate Bill 2063 at Tony Rezko's request? Was anything offered by Rezko in exchange?

Ø If not, still: why did Halvorson sponsor a bill that would have created ample opportunity for the same kind of cash-for-appointments schemes for which Tony Rezko was just convicted?
Also, Rezko International Airport, and Phil Kadner quoting Jackson,
"Rezko said that in order to get the governor's support for the things I wanted, the governor had to be given key appointments on the ALNAC board," Jackson said.

"That is the same kind of thing they did with the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Board and the teachers pension system.

"That's how Rezko used his influence, by appointing people to these boards.

"I wasn't going to let that happen to ALNAC."
"People wonder why I have been quiet for so long about the airport," Jackson said. "That's why I couldn't say anything. It was all about pay-for-play politics, and there was nothing I could say or do to move things along.

"I've been criticized by people who say I should compromise to make the airport happen, and this is why I haven't compromised.

"This is who I have to work with in this state.

"I can't compromise because all of the people I am dealing with have different agendas than I do.

"I'm a hero here. I refuse to compromise to pay-for-play politics."
Jackson ought to take a look at Pamela Davis to see what happens to heros in Illinois.

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