Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pfleger's Minstrel Show

I'm so used to Pfleger I just tune him out. Every time I see him I just recall how guys in the 60's used to comb their hair the same way he does. It takes someone from outside Chicago to remind us how offensive he is.

Juan Williams on ABC via CDO.
"Yes, there's a history of bitter segregation in a city like Chicago, but what are these ministers doing? They're stirring people up, appealing to their most base racist sentiments. What you saw from Father Pfleger looked like a minstrel show put on for black people and I thought he was mocking, bitter," he said.

"Mocking of Hillary Clinton goes beyond any black liberation theology. That's putting down somebody who has a fairly progressive record on race in America. It sounds more like, the whole thing about God, and America coming from Rev. Wright again. It stirs up all those feelings again."

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