Sunday, June 29, 2008

Obama: pro-surge, pro-troops, and pro-victory by next month?

That's Goldfarb's forecast and I'm betting he's right. Bill Foster please note Obama's change on FISA and the polling numbers in Goldfarb's link.
But Obama is a man of change. Just in the last week he dropped his opposition to telecom immunity, his support for handgun bans, his pledge to take public financing and renegotiate NAFTA--all core issues for Obama, or they were supposed to be. So what issue will he shift on next? After looking at the numbers from yesterday's Quinnipiac battleground polls, we're betting Iraq. It turns out that Americans as a whole aren't nearly so eager for surrender as the left-wing of the Democratic party, and Obama isn't much for staking out unpopular positions.

The left should brace itself: Obama's going to be pro-surge, pro-troops, and pro-victory by this time next month.

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