Thursday, June 19, 2008

IRAQI JUDGE: Alsammarae Will Go to Prison if He Steps Onto Iraqi Soil

I'm betting the Obama smear site ignores this.

No wonder Obama is reluctant to go to Iraq. An Iraqi judge, not to mention the Iraqi public, understand how Rezko's friend Alsammarae helped loot the Iraqi people.

Talisman Gate who deserves a medal from the USG for translating these articles for us.

The link, and some key quotes about how the Iraqi public views Alsammare... Congressman Waxman, whatever happened to those hearings on corruption during reconstruction? Oh how so many Democrats have so cravenly caved here.
Alsammarae’s financial crimes are widely perceived by the Iraqi public as the reason behind the government’s continuing failure to provide enough electrical power to Iraq’s population. Another widely-held perception is that Alsammarae embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars during his tenure.

Judge al-Bairaqdar clarified that some verdicts and charges against Alsammarae fall under the newly-passed Amnesty Law, but that there are still others that were not covered under the amnesty and hence are still in effect. He added that the documents that Alsammarae had presented at the press conference he held four days ago in Amman are not enough to exonerate him from a legal standpoint.
and more...
Y'know, given how close Alsammarae was to Antoin Rezko, and how close Rezko was to Barack Obama, I'm certain that Alsammarae and Obama are intimately connected, and that at least some of Obama's worldview of Iraq was inferred by a slime-bucket such as Alsammarae, who now wants insurgents to kill more Americans and says so at the top of his voice. Yet even though in the past Alsammarae's story has been extensively covered by CBS, CNN, the New York Times and many others, his current shenanigans are being studiously ignored, presumably lest they reflect badly on the media's preferred presidential candidate: Mr. Obama, the anti-Iraq War candidate.

Part of why America went wrong in Iraq was its reliance on the likes of Alsammarae. His prosecution and conviction are part of the remedy; the likes of Alsammarae should never again be allowed to sabotage the Iraqi economy, and then get a free pass from U.S. officials. Does Obama agree? Is there a journalist out that cares to ask him about that? And it's not as if Obama is being asked about some obscure angle of foreign policy; the course to be taken in Iraq will be one of the most important issues, if not the most important issue, of this election. Alsammarae and Obama's relationship to him are two storylines that are consequently, and definitely, relevant to the latter's candidacy.

But it's real hard to bring-up the Alsammarae affair within the format of a fluffy, soft-ball question, ain't it?
And man how MSM has failed America and Iraq with their silence on Alsammarae.

Jim Glanz... you of all people should understand Chicago. Why aren't you reporting this? You didn't overlook Alsammare before the connection to Rezko and Obama.

Update: Read Rezko Watch: Obama (and MSM) silent on the audacity of Alsammarae

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