Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Durbin to appear at Morgenthaler fundraiser

How does Durbin square his past words with a fundraiser for the PAO during the debacle with Abu Garib? This is a bit much for Democrats to expect the public to swallow.

Update: Recall Colonel Morgenthaler on Abu Garbi,
Figen shared with me what it was like to spend 7 months under Iraqi occupation. As she told me the horrors of living in Kuwait under the occupation, I realized that if we had not had the first war, Saddam may have been impossible to stop with the oil under his total control. The men who did terrible things to the Kuwaitis, especially the Kuwaiti women are very similar to the men we are fighting. As people get upset about Abu Ghraib, one thing that should never be forgotten: these are men who have murdered Americans and would continue to murder Americans if given the opportunity.

The truely appalling thing for a PAO is she never wrote in her blog that it was American soldiers who blew the whistle on Abu Ghraib (I've often listed the cite for these heros from the Taguba Report). That an American Army started the investigation on its own troops who abused prisoners regardless that those prisoners may have murdered Americans, and maybe would continue to murder Americans if given the opportunity.

Not many Army's do that, and if ours had managed this episode better, it might not have cost the United States so. This PA disaster was really a bitter defeat (fueled by Durbin's poor choice of words I'll leave you all to google for yourselves) for the United States and the US Army.

(It would be nice if Morgenthaler mentioned the great work going on now with MG Stone and Task Force 134 in Iraq to make sure Abu Ghraibs never happen again.)

The Morgenthaler fundraiser e-mail in full below,

Please join Senator Dick Durbin and IL-6th Congressional District Labor, Democrats and Friends For a Grassroots Fundraiser and Rally In support of Democratic Candidate for US House of Representative Sixth District of Illinois

Labor Hosts
American Federation of Government Employees • Bakery Confectionery Tobacco and Grain Millers Local 1
Heat & Frost Insulators & Asbestos Workers Local 17 • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 9
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 21 • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 134
IL Postal Workers Union • International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers District Council #1
International Union of Painters and Allied Trades District Council 30 • National Association of Letter Carriers - Branch 825
Plumbers & Pipefitters 501 • Sheet Metal Workers Local 73 • Sheet Metal Workers Local 265
Transport Workers Union Local 512 • UAW • Western Suburban Teachers Union Local 571 (IFT-AFT)

Democrat & Friend Hosts
DuPage County Democrats • Addison Township Democratic Organization
Bloomingdale Township Democratic Organization • Democratic Women of DuPage County
• Elk Grove Township Democratic Committee •
Hanover Township Democrats and Independents • Maine Township Regular Democratic Organization
Schaumburg Township Democratic Committee • York Township Democratic Organization
Democratic Party of Wayne Township • Winfield Township Democratic Organization
Bob Peickert – Chair, DuPage County Democrats

*Host Committee in formation

Friday June 20, 2008
5:15 – 6:00 Host Event
5:30 – 7:00 Grassroots Fundraiser & Rally

Sheet Metal Workers Local 265
205 Alexandra Way
Carol Stream, IL 60188

Host Event Levels
PAC - $1,000, $2,500 $5,000
Individual - $250, $500, $1,000

Grassroots Fundraiser & Rally
$30 Suggested Contribution
$15 suggested for labor members
*Kids Free!

Let us know you are coming! RSVP at RSVP@Jillmorgenthaler.com

For more information or to reserve your spot at the Host Reception please call Stacy at 630-980-1100

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