Friday, June 27, 2008

Blagojevich: " they say in the Bible, the truth shall set you free.."

Illinois's given a new meaning to Audacity. You couldn't invent a guy like Blagojevich. From today's Trib: U.S. investigators interviewed Blagojevich on 'multiple occasions,' court document says
In March 2007, Blagojevich refused to answer whether he had been interviewed by federal investigators after 2005 during an appearance before the Tribune's editorial board. "I'm happy to make an appointment, talk to you guys about that," Blagojevich said then. "But I feel real good about all the different things that we do because we follow the rules and we do things right and at the end of the day, as they say in the Bible, the truth shall set you free. The truth is what it is. And the truth is we do things right."
Also today's Sun Times: Who lied, witnesses -- or gov?

As Rev Wright says, Blagojevich just doing what politicans do, at least in Illinois it seems; and doing it audaciously.

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