Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bill Foster v Obama on the FISA Bill

Bill Foster back in Feb on FISA and retroactive immunity,
"The President and his allies in Congress are playing politics with national security, and that's wrong. Nobody is above the law and telecom companies who engaged in illegal surveillance should be held accountable, not given retroactive immunity. I flatly oppose giving these companies an out for cooperating with Alberto Gonzalez on short-circuiting the FISA courts and the rule of law."
Bill Foster, Democratic Candidate in IL-14 March 8th Special Election
....and Obama in WaPo on his support for the compromise bill now:
...said the bill's target should not be the phone companies' culpability, but "can we get to the bottom of what's taking place, and do we have safeguards?"
Culpability ...illegal surveillance of terrorists days after thousands of Americans dead at the WTC and Pentagon. Neither of these two quite gets it. OBL's declared war on the United States and all the liberal world believes in. Listening in on the enemy's phone calls is not a threat to civil liberities. It's the defense of liberty.

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