Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bill Foster: A Public Document for Offical Business

Bill Foster must think we in the sticks need big glossy pics to answer the questions on the small card attached to this Public Document for Official Business at the taxpayer's expense.

Gosh darn but we ain't that stupid.


Rob said...

Are you really that dense Bill?

Congressman Kirk has been doing essentially the same thing for years. I just got an email from him last week with a "survey" in it.

Would you rather that this newly elected Congressman sit on his duff and not do anything? Is that your goal in life, to have a Representative who falls into a black hole and is never heard from again?

Or are sour grapes on sale at the St. Charles Jewel store?

(c/p at Illinoize)

Bill Baar said...

Scan a few of Kirk's then Rob, and post them... you North Shore folks shouldn't have to put up with it.