Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alsammarae a Saddam snitch?

A repost of material deleted from Alsammarae's wiki entry. Talisman Gate's Nibras Kazimi seems to confirm it though,
I had seen part of Alsammarrae’s General Intelligence Directorate file back in Baghdad, and he’s identified as a snitch that had worked for the Saddam regime while he was a student in the 1970s, reporting on the political activities and utterances of fellow Iraqi students then pursuing their degrees in the UK.
From my original post,

From Wikpedia, for what it's worth... if true, puts a whole new light on him,
Al-Samarie was the highest Baathist official in North America; he held the rank of Branch member in the Baath Party. He was in charge of the Regional baath party command and National baath command in North America, as matter of fact, the former Iraqi Ambassador 'Mr. Nazar Hamodoun' was reporting to AlSamarie, also Saddam Nephew 'Fadel Alsafige' used to report to AlSamarie. AlSamarie attended school in Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Illinois, he received his master degree and doctor (PhD) degree in electrical engineering,the government of Saddam Hussien paid all his tuition and expenses, and paid him a salary too, the records of Illinois institute of technology shows that, though he was a student, but he was the most senior, powerful Baath party member, he caused several students who disobeyed his orders, to be locked in Iraq, when they went to visit their family's.

Al-Samarie was fired and kicked out of the Baath Party by Saddam Hussien, not what Alsamari proclaimed to the public that he left the party on his own or because he believes in democracy and liberty. Al-Samarie fired and kicked out of the party due to the involvement of his brother in-law, and his uncle in baghdad, in a conspircy with Syrian baathist to take over the government in Iraq.

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