Sunday, May 11, 2008

Tariq Alhomayed on Hezbollah: The Defeat of Victory

Alhomayed on the box Iran's put Nasrallah just to flex Iran's muscles for losing Sadr City:
Hezbollah’s occupation of Beirut is a real predicament for Nasrallah and those behind him since the party has limited options; it can either withdraw, in which case it would lose the false sanctity of its weapons, or continue the occupation and declare the establishment of the Hezbollah state and in that case it would invalidate the diversity and composition of Lebanon, destroy the Taif Accords and turn Lebanon upside down. Through this it would enter a confrontation with the international community, the cost of which will be paid by the party’s supporters.

First and foremost, for as long as Nasrallah’s heavily armed men remain in Sunni regions, this is enough to ensure that the Sunni monster would be unleashed, as previously mentioned. In that case, Nasrallah would be committing a crime against the Shia in the same way that he has against the Lebanese by dragging them into a dirty war with disastrous consequences.

Hezbollah has come to be an elephant in the room. The only options available to it involve destruction, withdrawal or swallowing poison and the reason for this is the conceit of power and ideological blindness in collaborating with Iran.

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Dr Bermangolu said...

I love how flexible you've become. Only a couple of years ago, you were a Sistani fan. That blue finger you have on your site has a 70% chance of belonging to an Iranian loving Shiite. But this week your neo-con buddies think that Iran is the big world threat, so now you are calling for another war.

Iran is allied to the government that we are supposedly supporting in Iraq. Or doesn't that matter any more?

So why not just get rid of the picture of the finger and put a nice neo-con fist full of cash. It would be more honest. Really.