Saturday, May 17, 2008

The smart response Obama could have made on appeasement.

Hot Air nails it on Obama and Appeasement,
Obama and his surrogates drew those connections themselves. Instead of acknowledging the historical truth of appeasement’s failures, they chose to argue with it. Obama could have taken the smart route and embraced it to explain how he understands the lessons of appeasement, which is why his talks with Iran would not result in it. Instead, he got volcanically defensive, which suggests that even Obama sees the parallels between his everything’s-on-the-table approach and the Chamberlain diplomacy which resulted in dismantling Czechoslovakia.
Newt explains too...

More from Dan Curry over at Reverse Spin,
Yesterday, Obama curiously “owned” President Bush’s appeasement comments when they weren’t even directed at him. This is a bad public relations strategy—taking ownership of a negative attribute—unless you have a national press corps providing complete cover for you, which of course is the case.


Dr Bermangolu said...

You are still very confused, Bill. Hitler wanted to dismantle Czechoslovakia and Britain didn't resist. THAT was appeasement.

Iran doesn't want to dismantle another country.

You and your neo-con buddies have set up a lie that says that if a country doesn't do what America says and we don't threaten them with military action, then we are "appeasing" them. But this was Hitler's approach to diplomacy, not Chamberlain's.

Bill Baar said...

Tariq Alhomayed writes otherwise about Iran in Lebanon. Sounds like attempted dismantling of Lebanon to me.

Dr Bermangolu said...

Can you send me some link (and I'll even take one from PJ Media) that shows that Iran thinks that some part of Lebanon is full of native Iranians and should be detached from Lebanon and attached to Lebanon?

If you can't, then you are just spinning around. Lebanon has no Sudetenland. Also, even if Hamas is getting Iranian help, it doesn't make them Iranian proxies. Unless you are also saying that since Israel gets US support (far, far more that Iran gives Hamas), Israel is simply a US proxy. You're not saying that, are you Bill?

Bill Baar said...

Israel is not a proxy but it's one of our closest allies in the world. The lone Democracy in the middle east besides Iraq now.

As for Iran and Lebanon, here is Ali Hussein writing in Ya Libnan,

Those of us who knew him well loved him . Nasrallah has sacrificed his own son during the Israeli occupation. He is credited with liberating the south of Lebanon from the Israeli occupation in 2000. In short he was the national Hero

That Nasrallah that we knew is gone. He now talks now like an occupying General who reports to a foreign land . Very much like a Nazi general talking in Prague or Warsaw , after the German Nazis s occupied these countries during the second world war. People have started forgetting Nasrallah the hero.

Just like the Nazi Generals , to Nasrallah everyone is an enemy . Not only Israel is his enemy, so are the majority of the Lebanese , the majority of the Arab states and the western world . His only friends are Iran and Syria.

Dr Bermangolu said...

"Israel is not a proxy but it's one of our closest allies in the world."

Everyone says this about their proxies.