Saturday, May 24, 2008

Senators Drogan and Whitehouse: please ask Minister Alsammarae to come speak before Congress

Senators Drogan and Whitehouse write a letter to Treasury saying our tax dollars might be in the hands of militias because of Iraqi corruption and here in Chicago we have the former Iraqi Minister of Electricity: Alsammarae --convicted by Iraqi courts for swindling Iraq of millions-- putting up his house and condos as bond for Tony Rezko? The Tony Rezko who helped Senator Obama purchase his home.

Can't the Senators just call Alsammarae to the Hill to tell Americans and Iraqis what he knows? It's gotta be plenty including was PM Maliki correct saying Blackwater, with a campus in Illinois, sprung Alsammarae from jail the Chicago way?

All it takes is a hearing Senators. One of the convicted players, a guy now on the lam from Iraqi justice, is sheltered right here in Oak Brook, Illinois.

Iraqi courts are doing their job weeding out the corrupt. It doesn't look like our Congress is doing theirs.

Update: Rezko Watch picks up the story and B Merry does a great job filling in all the back ground on a complicated story. Thanks much!

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