Sunday, May 18, 2008

Ron Grossman: Family ties proved Ayers' point

Grossman writes a good column on Ayer's clout. What a sorry guy to have start ones political career.
A funny thing happened to Bill Ayers in the years between his first headline-grabbing activities and his cameo role in the 2008 presidential campaign. He became a pillar of the very establishment he had once conspired to bring down.

When questions were first raised about Barack Obama's relationship with Ayers, including their serving together on the board of a charitable foundation, Chicago's elite rallied behind Ayers.
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Dr Bermangolu said...

"When questions were first raised about Barack Obama's relationship with Ayers, including their serving together on the board of a charitable foundation, Chicago's elite rallied behind Ayers."

This is because the board of the charitable foundation was filled with Chicago's elite.

Another lying insinuation on your part.

Carl Davidson said...

Don't you love the use of the word 'ties', as in 'ties with Bill Ayers'?

Or 'relationships.' Or the quick sleight-of-hand switch of 'friend' for 'acquaintance'?

With six degrees of separation, and armed with Google, I can 'tie' or 'relate' anyone, including everyone on this Blog, to UFO enthusiasts and advocates of 'Biblical Slavery.'

Not a bad idea. I think I'll start doing it with Cliff Kincaid, the rightwing wacko mother lode snookering otherwise sane people with this stuff. Give him a taste of his own medicine.

Actually, John Stewart got it right when, deadpan, he reported that 'Ted Kennedy has endorsed Obama, and Kennedy is a Catholic, and the Catholics are headed by the Pope, who was in the Hitler Youth, therefore OBAMA LOVES HITLER!'

The reason everyone laughs is because this truly is what passes of 'political analysis' these days.

Bill Baar said...


Bottom line, far as I can tell, is Obama is a friend of Bill Ayers. Ayers was a neigbor and opened his home to Obama to help launch Obama's career.

Rev Wright was a friend. A long time one... and someone Obama started to shun when he announced in Springfield and declined to invite Wright.

Your a friend.. or at least someone Obama agreed to meet with per your Obomb'em post.

The analysis, the question, is why is Obama so shy about talking about his friendships?

Why is he so shy about discussing your meeting with him on what is, per Progressives for Obama, probably the most critical issue of the campaign... the war?

The weird thing about the vangard left, is you get so out-front of the masses that you have to start disassociating yourself from your comrades.

You don't... but Obama sure does.

Carl Davidson said...

Once again, Bill, I'm an acquaintance, not an 'FOB', 'Friend of Barack.' That probably puts me in a circle of at least 100,000 or so people at this point, and growing.

I don't know that he is 'shy' about talking about his friendships, and neither do you.

He might pause about some of the acquaintance's names run by him, because he can hardly recall them, or know much about them, as in my case.

I'd guess that he remembers Marilyn Katz's name because she's a Democrat who held a fundraiser for him in his Senate race. But I'd also bet money that he doesn't even remember the names of who actually invited him to speak at the Oct 2 rally.

Obama has never been a player in the Chicago left, let alone 'tied', 'mentored' or even significantly influenced by it. At most, he comes out of the reform Dems and Alinsky school of community organizers. That's the truth of the matter, and all the rest of this stuff in your fevered brows makes me wonder what you've been smoking.

'Comrade' is usually a term applied to someone who shares the same left political program and common work in the trenches. I haven't dissociated from any of them, but Obama was never in that cohort to begin with, not even close. That's what you knuckleheads don't want to accept.

Bill Baar said...

You're pretty unique Carl. You've known Obama since he came and sought your endorsement from the New Party. That expresses some sense of political affinity.

You wrote of going to meet Obama to discuss his wavering on the war in Iraq.

It may be 100,000 FOBs and growing now, but you were with him at the start.