Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rezko Watch on Rezko's Las Vegas debts

Questions six through nine from Rezko Watch's latest post on the latest Rezko indictment for $800,000 in unpaid gaming debts.

Six just stood out for me because all of these unanswered questions about Obama and this tangle with the middle-east sure seems to set him up for blackmail.

You play with this crowd and they get a hook into you then you're sunk.
6. A RezkoWatch commenter states that the Bellagio has the reputation of "better detectives than Heaven. What do they have on Rezko and friends?"

7. During this same time that Rezko was making his gambling trips to Las Vegas, Daniel Mahru and Daniel Frawley, his business partners in Companion Security, the security company that was to train Iraqi security guards in Illinois for the proposed power plant in Chamchamal in Northern Iraq, were negotiating with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and Seamus Ahern, Sen. Obama's aide in his Moline, Illinois, office. Is it possible that Mahru and Frawley were also joining Rezko on his Las Vegas trips?

8. This raises the question as to whether Sen. Obama, who is well-known for being a poker player, accompanied Rezko on any of his Las Vegas gambling junkets, as well? Where was Sen. Obama on the dates in question?

9. Rezko's gambling activities in Las Vegas also bring up the little matter that Rezko had been under investigation since sometime in 2004 (which he admitted in teh January 16, 2007, ex parte) and had made approximately twenty trips to the Middle East between October 2004 and October 2006. Is there any connection between his trips to Chicago, Las Vegas and the Middle East?


Dr Bermangolu said...

And both Obama and Rezko have short hair. Rezko clearly goes to the barber shop often, and it is possible that if Obama goes to the barber shop often (given that Springfield is a small town with a limited number of barber shops) it is clearly possible that they were at the barber shop at the same time. Sitting there waiting for a chair to open, it is entirely possible that they plotted to use Blackwater to bust a corrupt Iraqi out of a Baghdad prison.

Yet another disturbing question that the press refuses to address. Has anyone looked at how often and on what dates Rezko and Obama got hair cuts?

(Don't you think your breathless insinuations posing as "questions" are getting a bit silly at this point? As the Savings and Loan Scandal showed, McCain is far, far more bent then Obama couldever be.)

Bill Baar said...


Dr Bermangolu said...

Certainly more plausible than your "Obama likes to play poker; maybe he met Rezko in Vegas" nonsense.

Linda said...

I have a question for anyone. Did the frequent visits to Vegas make him well known, thereby helping him to get the primaries set up in the casinos, along with the endorsement of the casino employees union?

Bill Baar said...

Good question... I don't know... the casino's sure must have known him.