Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rezko Watch on Obama's electability problems

RW does a nice review including the Alsammarae story in a nutshell. It's skimming Iraq reconstruction that I think is going to eventually destroy Obama's campaign... maybe in enough time to draft Gore.
4. Aiham Alsammarae is the former Iraqi Minister of Electricity convicted of stealing $650 million from Iraqi reconstruction funds who is a long-time Rezko friend, having attended technical school and been in business with Rezko since the 1970s.

When Alsammarae was incarcerated in Baghdad's Green Zone in fall 2006, Alsammarae's children contacted Obama for his help in freeing their father. At the same time, a Rezko and Alsammarae associate, Daniel Frawley, was in negotiations for six months with Sen. Obama's Moline, Illinois, office with aide Seamus Ahern, upon advisement from Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, to secure a training site for Iraqi security workers to guard a proposed Iraqi power plant in Kurdish Iraq at Chamchamal. The power plant contract, signed by Alsammarae while still a minister in the Iraqi government, is an alleged joint project by Rezko, Alsammarae, and Auchi. [Note: Mr. Auchi denies any involvement with the power plant contract.]
Frawley's sister was a Forest Park cop too as Carl notes here. That speaks volumes...

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Bessie said...,CST-NWS-rezko07.article

Attached is an article written in the Sun-Times, it is important to notice the dates, April 26 email sent / April 27, Frawleys house robbed of $100,000. cash and 3 guns. Two days later everything is magically returned. This time line is no coincidence! If an investigator can nail down Frawley and Seamus Ahern, a lot of questions could be answered.