Sunday, May 11, 2008

Progressives for Obama's Carl Davidson on Fidel Castro

Progressives for Obama's Carl Davidson writes,
[Note from CarlD: This is a down-to-earth report on the closing on an era. Fidel has been the leader of Cuba for my entire political life, and the very first demonstration I went to was a 'Hands Off Cuba' vigil of twelve of us at Penn State during the Cuba missile crisis.

Later, representing SDS, I had a chance to meet with Fidel. At the Cultural Congress of Havana in 1968, Dave Dellinger, Tom Hayden and I were whisked away to a safe house, were we sat up with Fidel late into the night, discussing everything under the sun. He wanted to know our opinion of McGovern, Dellinger wanted to know about Che and Regis Debray, Hayden and I asked to start what became the Veceremos Brigade, and Fidel bugged me to explain 'hippies' to him, and I tried my best.

He is a remarkable man, with a photographic memory, wide knowledge and keen insights. Cuba will change after him, though, as brother Raul is already looking into the socialist market economy in China and Vietnam, but will undoubtedly make any reforms 'in the Cuban way.' We should all wish Fidel and Cuba well, and double our voices against the blockcade.]


Dr Bermangolu said...

If it worked for China, why not Cuba? I'm just saying, knowing that history isn't your strong suit.

Carl Davidson said...

The socialist market economy, and the reforms that brought it into being, is doing relatively well in China. Certainly better than the 'gangster capitalist economy' in the former Soviet Union.

My point is simply that any socialism for the 21st Century worthy of the name will be market socialism. History has absolved Bukharin over both Stalin and Trotsky, if your view of history is Soviet centric.

But it's amusing to me how the right has seized on this little side comment of mine about Fidel, who is demonized in their own minds, while my points are simply the conventional wisdom in most of the world.

If politics is something other than a mixture of Gotcha and Trivial Pursuit to you, you might look to something with more substance.

Anonymous said...

Nice pro-mao stalinist gibberish coming from an imperialist DP supporter.

Carl Davidson should go to China and speak to actual proletarians there. Ask them how it is to live under a "market socialist" economy.

The trouble with all the old "new lefties" is that they can't even pronounce the two simple words that would shed the most light on China, Cuba, North Korea and the ex-USSR--STATE CAPITALISM.

State Capitalism acts the same way as private capitalism because capitalism presupposes exploitation of workers. You cannot have capital without exploitation. Why do you think that these "market socialist" economies have the same boom and bust cycles as "free market" or "neo-liberal" capitalism?

A shill and a clown posing as someone knowledgeable about socialism or history.

Watch Obama stab workers in the back with policies that are no different than past four presidential administrations and then tell me how Carl Davidson's politics of centrism and capitulation to the DC regime are "relevant" to workers, people of color or anyone that isn't a capitalist.

Go crawl back under your middle-class rock Carl! One day real workers will have a real revolution and sweep all you pseudo-lefties aside. That's probably why you want to purge "semi-anarchists" out of SDS.

Carl you have never done or said anything of substance since you chose to be a Mao-Stalinist in the old SDS. Some of us remember you Maoists spouting revolution but basically being a bunch of nationalist anti-worker pigs.

Wake up your Obama progressive coalition has served its purpose and is dead. Just as dead as the old SDS. Good riddance. Ex-Stalinists are worse than Stalinists. At least a Stalinist you know what he'll say and where he'll stand. An ex-Stalinist doesn't stand for anything except supporting centrist capitalist politicians and purging the "ultra-lefts" as Carl likes to call them.