Sunday, May 11, 2008

Progressives for Obama and those anti-war Jews with the wrong line on Palastine

Some excerpts from Carl Davidson of Progressives for Obama discussing the roles of anti-war Jews in the Peace movement in Davidson's blog Keep on Trucking.

The old way,
'The same old way' is something like this:

All the hard left and anti-imperialists call a meeting--one person, one vote, no matter what they represent size-wise or constituency-wise. They then decide the slogans, theme and key elements of the day. They may also decide who they want to keep away, such as 'capitalists' or elected officials who won't sign a pledge or antiwar Jews with wrong line on Palestine (take your pick), then set up an outreach committee to make visits and calls to get other people to come to the party and help put up the additional trimmings, besides what's already done.

This produces a few more names, but the demo still ends up basically the same old militant minority.--sometimes large, sometimes smaller.

Don't get me wrong. I'll do this any day over doing nothing.
Now Carl's New Way and what not to do,
One thing I wouldn't expect to be entertained seriously though, are silly notions that politicians not signing a pledge, or antiwar Jews with the wrong line regarding peace in the Middle East, be told they're not welcome and to go off and do their own thing elsewhere.

As I said, to produce something different, I'm open to trying something different. But I've made it a point to listen not only to those who took part in our earlier efforts, but also to those who didn't, to those who weren't in the room, so to speak, but want this war over now nonetheless.

If you have better ideas, I'm all ears.
Those anti-war jews ought to consider how long they'll be welcome if Progressives for Obama get to be shot-callers in a Obama administration.

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Carl Davidson said...

I don't get your point here.

I'm for welcoming 'antiwar Jews' with a full range of views on Israel into the left-center coalition that makes up the widest antiwar movement.

And the only Jews who would cross swords with 'Progressives for Obama' are those working to defeat him in November.

And I'll be satisfied if Obama rapidly end the war--no cabinet posts, ambassadorships or other cushy jobs or overnight guest stays in the White House are required or expected.

But if he doesn't, he can expect us to ring the White House with those who do want it over now.