Friday, May 23, 2008

Peoples Cube on the Decemberists opening the Obama Portland Ralley (and Jay Schaffner from Progressives for Obama)

Below from the Cubists at The Peoples Blog,
The Decemberists, a rock band, played for Premier Obama before the Portland Rally, which drew 800,000 patriotic Soviet Amerikkkans. Here is the song they play before their concerts!

I remember when Jay Schaffner from Progressives for Obama headed up the Young Workers Liberation League (the old Young Communist League) on Chicago's West Side. They had a storefront on Central Avenue just south of Madison. He later split from the Party to join the Committees of Correspondence and that earned him this cite by Gus Hall in a letter to the South African Communist Party,
The CoC and its spokespersons have been among the most vocal in declaring that the CPUSA is defunct or at best irrelevant, at times outdoing even the right wing. In fact they began spreading this lie even before they finally quit, taking their crusade against the Party and its leadership to the bourgeois media, spreading crude, anti- Communist lies. One of the most absurd examples - but representative in its viciousness and the fact that it was written by an ex-Party leader - is the letter by Jay Schaffner (a CoC leader) to his parents, also former Party members. In this widely circulated letter, which has been posted for public access on the computer network, Schaffner wrote, "I can only be thankful that we did not have socialism in the United States I if we did the mockery of the socialist principle would have been on a par with that of Pol Pot in Kampuchea. Needless to say, with these bastards [the CPUSA leadership] in power, your son would have long been dead, and probably also my children and wife, and you too, my parents." Absurd, yes, but about on the level of the McCarthyite ravings of the 1950s; of the Reagans and Bothas of this world, and most definitely intended to do damage.
I've never been able to track down that letter Jay wrote his folks and have always wondered why Jay though he and his family would not have survived a Communist America. What would have sent them to the mass grave?

Now the Soviet Union is kitsch opening Obama rallies for kids who remember nothing. They need to read the Black Book of Communism and some of the stories of the millions, including plenty of Communists as Jay knows, who did not survive the horror. Then maybe that realize how creepy this band opening for Obama sounds..


Dr Bermangolu said...

Who was it who not so long ago was posting on his blog all kinds of stuff by various Iraqi and Iranian Communist parties about the troubles they were having organizing?

What happened, Bill? Did Big Daddy tell you to change your story?

Bill Baar said...

No, hardly... in fact I wish Jay Jaffner and the rest of the progressives would pay more attention to the left --including the Communist Party of Iraq-- in the middle east.

I just posted an interview with Iranian Communist Maryam Namize over on the theology blog.