Monday, May 12, 2008

Obama, Rezko and Syrian Gangsters

Bruce Walker on why Clintion still hangs in there. She's betting on a jury in Chicago to convict Rezko.
The jury will begin to deliberate in mid-May, and a conviction of Rezko (or a deal cut by Rezko) could easily spread to a wider web of suspects. Obama himself is probably not implicated, but given the sleazy corruption of Blagojevich and Illinois Democrat politics – remembering that not too long ago Obama was an Illinois state senator – it is far from unthinkable that bad things could come out about the ethics of Obama.

This would add another big problem for him in terms of electibility. Being surrounded by America-haters would turn off blue collar voters – Reagan Democrats – but being surrounded by old style Chicago political mobsters would reduce his cachet among white collar Leftist elitists. Will Obama be forced, during June, to explain that he was not really in bed with gangsters – gangsters from nice countries like Syria, no less?
The question I wonder about is what does Syrian intelligence services have on all of this? What does Iraqi intelligence have on Alsammarae and Auchi? What does any intel service know that we don't?

Alsammarae posts his house as bond for Rezko and interpol drops its warrent for him. Waxman's committee refuses to ask if Blackwater helped Alsammarae escape the Green Zone. Someone knows the answers and I bet it's the spys. That the rest of us don't is a bad thing.

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