Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Obama, McCain and the Germans and Obama's isoloation from Europe

More from Ralf Beste's Obamamania Infects Germany. Strange to read Obama has cut himself off from Europeans when Obama talks about the importance of dialogue so much.
McCain is not an unknown quantity in Germany, either. As a dyed in the wool trans-Atlanticist, he regularly participates in the annual Munich Security Conference. The senator has a reputation there for his sharp attacks against German politicians -- his fits of rage are feared and his political positions are known because of the numerous debates he has taken part in.

Obama, though, is less known. The best even the most dialled-in US experts in Berlin have managed is a handshake with the senator. He routinely denies requests from members of the German parliament to visit with him in Washington. Most of the information they have on Obama comes either from YouTube films or the papers. "Obama has no relationship with Europe whatsoever," said Hans-Ulrich Klose, the foreign policy spokesman for the center-left Social Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Rather like Bush in 2000, don't you think?

Of course, the point isn't whether he has a connection with Europe, but whether he will continue with Bush's unilateral great power strategy as McCain most surely will.

Bill Baar said...

I don't think so at all... Bush and the Bush family pretty well known to Europeans and the whole world.

You need to get to Iraq yourself to see how multi national the coalition is Doc, starting with our Iraqi allies.

The unilateralism these days is unilateralism withdrawel from Iraq.

Or unilateraly casting aside the UN conditios on Iran to hold unilatieral one-on-one talks with Ahmenijad.... Obama is today's unilatieralist.

That Obama on the Senate Foreign Affairs committee disdains talking to Foreigners per Der Spiegel speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

Bush was known only as the son of GH in 2000.

You yourself have been an education about Iraq. Your photos of Baghdad show clearly that the center of the city is still buttoned down like it's under siege and that clearly there are no safe zones under reliable military control anywhere after five years. The main Sunni party has just backed away from the government (again), your own posts show that Maliki is corrupt, Al Sistani is now promoting passive resistance to the Americans... and McCain still wants to stay there until something turns up. Every poll I have seen shows that the vast majority of Iraqis want the US out. Europe and the rest of the civilized world wants us out. Two thirds of America wants us out. I would say that your guy is the unilateralist. You talk like people who want the US out are bucking some kind of international popular trend. Are you that removed from the world?

Bill Baar said...

LA Times had a good article yesterday on Sadr losing support.

The gunment are losing. A political process with give-and-take and debates and walkouts, etc is replacing it, and the Iraqi people are embracing Democracy instead of militias.

It's the political reconciliation Democrats have long sought. The elections this fall may also show a huge drop in support for the clerical parties too.

Anonymous said...

Sistani is the one to watch. Sistani wants the US out. Sadr wants the US out. The Sunni want the US out (except the tribals we are paying, Saddam style). The mass of the public wants the US out. The Iraqi government is a puppet kept in power by US arms. And the truly funny part is that it is also in Iran's pocket.

Most of the representatives of the people aren't even in the government. And you know this.