Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mr Auchi, please buy Senator Emil Jones a meal

Emil Jones with Nadhmi Auchi during Auchi's visit too Illinois in 2004. Maybe Auchi can return and spring for a few dinner for Jones now that times seem tight for Illinois State Senators,
In the middle of Garrett talking to reporters, Senate President Emil Jones Jr., a Chicago Democrat who supports the raises, walked past and loudly quipped that he needed to get some food stamps.

Garrett had this to say in response.

"Let me just say that some of the legislators have missed the point if they think that they need the raise because they're not making $150,000 a year," Garrett said. "We are here as public servants. We're not here to assume that we should be entitled to be receiving major increases every year when the rest of the state and other state employees are suffering."
If Auchi can post millions for Rezko's bail, seems he could pop for a few meals for the needy in Springfield.

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