Saturday, May 31, 2008

Father Pfleger: Prophetic Powerful Pulpiteer (P-Cubed Part 2)

Pfleger links:

Ed Lasky: Father Pfleger's Support for Farrakhan. Lasky links the Illinois Hate Crimes commission's Sister Muhammad story. These are the progressives indifferent to Farrakhan's claim the streets of Jerusalem would have to be washed in blood because Israel allowed a Gay Pride parade.

Ace of Spades links more video.

Malkin's Men of Bad Faith post. Also check What’s stopping Obama from going to Iran now?

Rev. Pfleger - a prince of a guy

Obama earmarked money for Pfleger

...and money is the bottom line with these guys.

Update: Durbin per the Trib,
Sen. Dick Durbin, an Obama mentor, condemned Pfleger's words in a meeting with Tribune editors and reporters and said they were not helpful in trying to discuss race nationwide.

"I like Mike. He's my friend," Durbin said. "But he went overboard."
More like Pfleger was pushed overboard for not gettng the message to tone down the party-line 'cause Pflegers been preaching like this for years.

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