Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Evelyn Pringle on Obama's Iraq connections

Just excellent stuff on Obama's connections to Alsammarae and corruption in Iraq reconstruction. Thankyou Evelyn and B Merry over at Rezko Watch.

Also part two on operations board games. The Illinois Combine's* long arm reaching out for Obama.

* Kass turned to former Illinois U.S. Sen. Peter Fitzgerald for wisdom:

"What do you call that Illinois political class that's not committed to any party, they simply want to make money off the taxpayers?" Fitzgerald said. "You know what to call them."


"The Illinois Combine," Fitzgerald said. "The bipartisan Illinois political combine. And all these guys being mentioned, they're part of it."


Anonymous said...

Sorry, not seeing anything here that ties Obama to the "Iraq connection".

But I did see this.

"The main topic of discussion was a secret order issued by Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki's office that bars the investigation and prosecution of corruption cases involving the Iraqi president, the Council of Ministers, or any current or former ministers without Maliki's consent, which effectively grants immunity to all high level officials."

Didn't you just post about how Maliki is cleaning up corruption in Iraq as part of your fantasy that the government there is becoming viable? Or do the things she says that go against your points not count?

Bill Baar said...

Don't you think the investigation Senators Drogan and Whitehorse are asking for would answer your questions?