Thursday, May 15, 2008

Carl Davidson on Obama: a high-road industrial policy capitalist and 'soft power' multipolar globalist

From a comment from Carl Davidson on Obama that deserves a post of it's own.

I thought Barack just deep down a Chicago Pol who learned his craft at the feet of Emil Jones, but you may be right here carl.. I just need to google some of these words to be sure.
I'm a pragmatist not only in philosophy, but also politics. Of those remaining, Obama is the best option, so I signed on to 'Progressives for Obama' and our web project

We don't claim Obama is a leftist or even a consistent progressive. He's really a high-road industrial policy capitalist and 'soft power' multipolar globalist, while Hillary is a garden variety corporate liberal capitalist and globalist and McCain is an unreconstructed neoliberal capitalist and US hegemonist.

Truth be told, Obama is the best candidate for productive capital (as opposed to speculative) and does the least harm to the working class. That how he can unite the left, progressives and moderates vs the right in a new majority coalition.
I'll get back to you Carl but how about an ongoing you vs me blog debate through the election?

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