Sunday, May 25, 2008

Blogging on Blago Blog: When it comes to hypocrisy…Obama has had good instructors

Blogging on Blago Blog... what a great name for a blog and what a wealth of goofy stuff to blog about... it just makes one so sorry to be a citizen of Illinois. The latest on hypocrisy,
As John McCain tours the country talking about cutting taxes on the hardworking people of the United States including providing relief at gas pumps by asking Congress to suspend the 18.4 cent federal gas tax, Barack Obama is once again proving he truly is a product of the Chicago Machine way of doing business by voting for a temporary elimination of the Illinois state gas tax as a state senator but now believes it’s a “bad idea.”

A good sign that someone comes from the Chicago Machine way of doing business is: you oppose tax increases as a candidate (or at some other time prior to running for higher office) and then once you are elected refuse to enact tax reform (i.e. lower taxes) or (their favorite) increase taxes on your constituents sighting all the “vital services” that otherwise would need to be cut.

In many walks of life this is also called hypocrisy.
I'll add this site to the Blog roll.

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Levois said...

I don't know if Obama is either naieve or if he went in head first.

Bill Baar said...

The Million dollar question Levois....

Dr Bermangolu said...

Except for ideologue neo-con "economists" economists think that the Federal gas tax elimination is a stupid idea. That's why it's a bad idea. But McBush is pushing it anyway, because 20 cents off a $4 gas bill for a couple of days (until increased demand brings the price right back where it was) sounds good to a lot of Americans who also don't seem to know that to pay for this in the first place, we are going to have to borrow more money from China.

So who's naive now?