Sunday, May 04, 2008

Archpundit's question on the Gore and Obama ticket

Back in Jan Archpundit wrote,
Do you even read what you respond to Bill? Because most of the time your bullshit is so delusional that I cannot tell if you are delusional and don’t read or just delusional.

Perhaps you can enlighten us on the Gore-Obama ticket you keep predicting and how it has any basis in reality.
and I responded,
As for Gore-Obama…. Way too many Democrats loath her (I don’t, I’d vote for her in a Dem primary) and Obama is way too untried. Gore a proven vote getter and his movie has had immense appeal. Edwards hangs in there for the duration…then I bet we end up with Gore Obama….

It’s not far fetched.
Well, Edwards didn't hang in to make the primary indecisive but we still got the same result.

Somewhere I read Obama speaks with Gore once a week or so. The ticket's not far fetched and I still think it's likely.

No way Democrats can abandon Obama, but as his weakness become more well known, Democrats will draft Gore.

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