Sunday, January 06, 2008

Obama on universal health care for Illinois

Obama's Iowa victory speech per the Daily Herald,
"I'll be a president who finally makes health care affordable and available to every single American, the same way I expanded health care in Illinois, by bringing Democrats and Republicans together to get the job done," the Chicago Democrat said Thursday.

But Illinois doesn't have universal health care.
And a classic from Sen Righter,
Still, Obama's quote raised eyebrows given the lingering tension over the direction of health care policy in Illinois, although few lawmakers were willing to go on the record with any criticism.

One former colleague willing to talk was state Sen. Dale Righter, a Mattoon Republican, who thought Obama stretched the truth.

"He didn't put together universal health care in Illinois," Righter said. "The best evidence of that is that we don't have universal health care in Illinois."

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