Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lauzen: "When we go for an ice cream cone..."

Chicago Argus on the Lauzen Oberweis debate at Aurora University, Also here...
His attempt to use humor in taking a pot shot at GOP primary opponent Jim Oberweis gave us a chuckle. Lauzen was seriously trying to contrast the experience he gained in 15 years serving in the Illinois Senate, compared to Oberweis, who runs a dairy and chain of ice cream parlors – but has never held elective office.

Or, as Lauzen so “eloquently” put it while motioning with his right hand to Oberweis, “When we go for an ice cream cone, we go to someone with experience in doing it.”
Also, a post on Illinois's fractured Democratic Party in Chicago as the obstacle to getting anything accomplished,
Anytime a Republican legislator negotiated some sort of deal or compromise with a Democrat, he automatically picked up all of the Democrat’s enemies.

In the world of Chicago politics, enemies don’t just vote against you. They go out of their way to round up others to vote against you. Then, they try to make you suffer for your arrogance in trying to get something past them in the first place.

“It’s never a problem with the actual issue at hand, it’s always a personal slight with those guys,” the Republican said. “Somebody did something to insult someone or steal a girl away back when the two of them were working their way through law school at night, so they’re enemies for life.

“It’s just so much easier, less of a hassle, to not bother with the other side and try to do it ourselves,” he told me.
If the GOP can elect a mayor in NYC, I don't understand why they concede Chicago without a vote. Democrat's dominance there is devastating the state. The whole bizarre culture just spills over and breaks Illinois to a halt.


Levois said...

I imagine that it's easier to elect Republican mayors in New York. They have a worse record on their city council if I remember correctly there are only 3 Republican on the city council, two are from State Island which is more Republican that the rest of the city. I suppose right now the IL GOP isn't interesting in Chicago and it's too hard to break thru the Democratic machine and the Chicagoans who will continue to vote for them no matter what.

It also doesn't help if the Republican committeemen in the city are barely existent. With a few exceptions here and there. It's unfortunate but there needs to be more of a balance.

Bill Baar said...

It sure is out of balanced now, and it doesn't server Chicago or Illinois well...

thanks Levois