Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Harold Meyerson: Parties Trading Places

Harold Meyerson on the Parties Trading Places,
Barack Obama and John Edwards are just now having at it, and each is touching distinct themes in the final appeals to Iowa voters. Obama seems more in the tradition of the early-20th-century progressives, middle-class reformers who sought to clean up politics to restore a functioning democracy. Edwards is more in the tradition of the early-20th-century populists, railing at the monied interests that really ran the country.
He's right, and worse, besides an old tradition, they offer old ideas.

I think what Meyerson sees as factionalism among the GOP is really a conservative party hammering out a conservatism for this century.

I'm guessing that hammering out ends up seeing what Meyerson sees,
McCain's problem may be that he's too good for the Republicans this year. On two of the defining moral issues of our time -- whether America should torture its enemies and how America should treat the 12 million undocumented immigrants already among us -- he has consistently exhibited decency and common sense that shouldn't be in the least bit notable but which stand out given the demagogic savagery that his rival Republican candidates have championed. McCain would hardly be a slam-dunk if he won the GOP nomination -- he'd still have to explain why he thinks the Iraq war was a good idea and why our forces should stay there indefinitely -- but he'd certainly be the strongest candidate the GOP could select. [my emphasis]
...with that last thought sealing the deal.

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