Friday, January 11, 2008

Gin Mills and Smoke

I stopped at a long established, neighborhood shot-and-a-beer joint in the tri-cities area yesterday. I've had a beer there over the years late afternoons when locals would be dropping in after work. It used to be thick with smoke, and crowded enough by five thirty you'd likely stand.

Yesterday stools abounded and air clean and fresh. The barmaid said day-time business had tanked and she expected they'd fold by March if things didn't turn around.

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pathickey said...

Great Post Bill!

I stills wheeze in a few Marlboro Reds per diem: never ever smoked in a restaurant or public place but a bar.

Keegan's Pub on Western has been smoke free now ten days. Doing Ok.

The only thing that bugs me is that the most strident anti-smokers were the same Yuppie nit-wits that insist upon dragging their mutts to restaurants. Walk the pooch; clean up after it; take it home and then go to restaurant.

These bozos make pets as obnoxious as themselves.