Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tell Mark Pera it's almost Christimas 2007; not Fall 2007

From Pera's Website. Where ever one stands on Iraq, it seems one should care enough to update the stand. Fall's past, what now Mr Pera?

Maybe Pera's hoping voters skip it. He certainly seems to have avoided an update.
Mark Pera believes the U.S. pullout must start this fall

Mark believes that it is past time that we brought our soldiers home.

By any measure or standard, the strategy for war in Iraq has been a failure.

Experts ranging from sitting and retired generals to diplomats and scholars acknowledge that there is no purely military solution to the conflict, and that the battle will only be won with political solutions.

Mark believes that Congress should mandate a pull-out of our troops beginning in the Fall of 2007 and should also place a cap on funding to accomplish that goal.
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John Ruberry said...

Lipinski is worthless, but running to the left of him in the 3rd will get him nowhere.