Friday, December 28, 2007

Before there were bloggers in Chicago, there was Mike Lavelle

Blue Collar Pundit from Time, Dec 2, 1972,
LaVelle is amused by readers who ask skeptically whether he writes his own material: "I tell them, 'No, I've got a trained mother.' " He is also mildly disconcerted by the stir his columns have caused: "So here I am, the average man expressing himself in the media, and people look at it as unusual. It says something about the isolation of the media, I think."

Lately he has considered abandoning his job as a pipe bender to write full time, and he jokingly wonders whether his having dropped out of high school helped or hurt him. "Do you realize the possibilities," he asks puckishly, "if someone, anyone, had just approached me ten years ago and given me just one more year of schooling? I might have gone to college—and ended up writing greetings for Hallmark cards."
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