Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rudy Giuliani, Colonel Morgenthaler, and Democrats changing course

Giuliani saying Democrats will change mind about Iraq War
Rudy Giuliani said at a town hall meeting Monday that he thinks the Democrats are going to change their minds about the Iraq War and again support it.

"Do I think the mission in Iraq is the correct one? I think without a doubt it is," Giuliani said in Londonderry, New Hampshire. "And I think the Democrats are gonna change their mind about it again."

"I think Edwards has apologized for it. She (Hillary Clinton) hasn't apologized for it but she said it was a mistake, but it was George Bush's mistake. I guess he got her to vote that way," he said.

The former Mayor of New York went on to tell the crowd, of over 250 people, again that he thought over time the Democrats will change their minds about the Iraq War and that "over time history will show it was the right decision."
If the Democrat's candidate in Illinois's 6th turns out to be Colonel Morgenthaler and she sticks with this diary entry,
As she told me the horrors of living in Kuwait under the occupation, I realized that if we had not had the first war, Saddam may have been impossible to stop with the oil under his total control. The men who did terrible things to the Kuwaitis, especially the Kuwaiti women are very similar to the men we are fighting. As people get upset about Abu Ghraib, one thing that should never be forgotten: these are men who have murdered Americans and would continue to murder Americans if given the opportunity. (my empahsis)
...then I'd say Democrats have started the turn.

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