Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sun Times: Crooked cops’ reign of terror

Today's Sun Times,
The crooks knew just what to say to the young teller to get her to cooperate.

Two dirty Chicago cops had made sure of that.

The robbers knew about her roommate. They mentioned her parents' home address. They even knew about the motorcycle her dad kept -- in his carport, under a cover.

Terrified for her parents' safety, the teller did what she was told.

She let the robbers into the Richton Park Currency Exchange she had just closed up for the day. Unlocked the vault. And watched as they stuffed more than $107,000 into garbage bags and took off.
Someone please tell Tony Peraica (and Andy McKenna) an out-of-control Chicago PD is an issue that's fair game for the GOP. The Progressives won't touch it.

Al Sharpton deserves some credit for coming to town, but the GOP is letting Illinois down for not fighting abuses that give no meaning to Reagan's get Government off our backs.

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