Sunday, August 19, 2007

Iraq Slogger: Surprise: French FM Kouchner Visits Baghdad

If elected, Kerry was going to visit Paris. The French elected a President who's Foreign Minister went to Baghdad. via Iraq Slogger Update: A quote from Libération on PJ Media,
Libération reminds us that Kouchner was a personal friend of UN official Sergio Viera de Mello, killed in the August 2003 attack against the UN compound, along with Nadia Younes, Fiona Watson, and Jean-Sélim Kanan, who had worked with him in Kosovo. Kouchner, former Socialist Health Minister and one of the founders of Doctors without Borders, defends the “droit d’ingérence,” defined as the right to interfere in the domestic affairs of a sovereign nation in order to protect its inhabitants. He disagreed with France’s head-on opposition to the U.S. in 2003, and believes that if France had remained by the side of its American ally, war could have been avoided.
Update: A Google Translation from Libération which is a pretty amazing thing when you think about. The ability to translate on the fly like this. Not the trip.

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