Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sun Times on Corruption

Yesterday the ST's Jennifer Hunt wrote Could Obama end centuries of corruption? telling us,

Even in colonial days, chicanery and corruption were endemic among American politicians. It's become part of the American electoral tradition.

Can it ever be fixed? Barack Obama has been a champion of improving government ethics at both the state and federal level, but he faces a long history of improbity among our elected officials.
Today the ST hits us with Daley pal implicated in mob bombing

Outfit hit man Nicholas Calabrese on Tuesday implicated a close friend of Mayor Daley's, Fred Barbara, as taking part in the bombing of a suburban restaurant in the early 1980s.

Calabrese is the star witness in the Family Secrets mob case and testified that Barbara, now a multimillionaire businessman, was one of six men who split up into teams to throw bombs on the roofs of two restaurants.

Barbara has never been charged in the case but allegedly teamed up with Chicago mob captain Angelo "The Hook" LaPietra and reputed mob killer James DiForti to bomb Horwath's Restaurant in Elmwood Park, which was a well-known hangout for mobsters.
A little further down is this qualifier,

Barbara could not be reached for comment but has disavowed any connection to organized crime.

"Show me my connection to organized crime," Barbara said in an interview three years ago with the Sun-Times. "Did I turn the corner? You show me anything in the last 24 years that reflects to that nature."

A spokeswoman for the mayor could not be reached for comment.

In a full day of testimony, the mention of Barbara was a small part of Nicholas Calabrese's testimony.
I'm not trained as journalist but both stories over the top to me. Obama is sure no reformer, and just about everyone in Chicago's a pal of the mayor.

ST's crossed some fine line here. Neither story tells much. One's a puff piece for Obama and the other a slur without evidence on the Mayor.

Barbara nailed it three years ago: show us the connections please.

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