Thursday, July 05, 2007

Shimkus, Iraq, and benevolent Monarchs

Shimkus takes it on the chin from Prarie State Blue and Rich Miller for voicing want seems to me the Democratic Party's Foreign Policy today: that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake, that Iraq would have been best left alone under Saddam (and no philosopher King he!), and that Bush's second inaugural's proclamation that America's ideals and self-interests are now one; was dangerously idealistic.
“In some of these countries where they are having some Islamic presence, is it better to have a constitutional monarchy, with a very strong, powerful king, and maybe a dictator who is trying to move a little bit to democratic principles, versus just throwing the door open and pushing full-blown democratic principles, which could destabilize the country?” Shimkus said during a discussion with the editorial board of The State Journal-Register.

“When I taught government and history,” Shimkus added, “by definition, what is the best form of government, the most simple, is a compassionate monarchy - a monarchy that loves and respects its citizens and … is able to make easy decisions without the weight of a bureaucracy we’d have to fund.”
I don't agree with Shimkus but I understand the frustration and wonder myself.

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Milton said...

It would seem Shimkus is going to break one more promise.

Shimkus announced retirement after next term. Why should we believe him?

John Shimkus, who violated his term-limit pledge which tells you something about the man favored term limits because "the people want them" and because it's nearly impossible to defeat an incumbent.

The Crackpot Conservative congressman John Shimkus is the dumbest congressman
Illinois has ever had. George Ryan has his cronies to prop him up.