Friday, July 06, 2007

Iraqi President Talabani addresses the Socialist International

President Talabani's concluding request to the members of the SI but please read his whole address here,
Dear comrades and friends,

We hope that Socialist International helps us through these difficult times and problems that we face. We expect your help and that of your governments in:

1. Combating terrorism that has become a danger on us all and an international plague.

2. Informing your parties and your people of the real situation in Iraq and explaining the positive aspects as well as the negative ones without concentrating on the latter one alone.

3. Encouraging the socialist-led governments to write-off their debts to Iraq, so that they become an example for other governments to follow.

4. Encouraging companies and business people to invest in Iraq starting from the safer areas and then throughout Iraq.

5. Providing moral and media support for the united, democratic and federal Iraq.

6. Sending fact-finding delegations to Iraq in order to give us your comradely feedback.

7. Asking the states in the region to stop interfering in the internal affairs of Iraq, respect its national independence and sovereignty and also its national unity; this in addition to stopping the facilitation and financial help for the terrorists.

Thank you for your attention.

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