Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paglia on Gore and Democrat's pack

Paglia on Gore:

"Run, Al, run!"

This chant, according to media reports, is being heard from the crowd wherever former Vice President Al Gore speaks.

Shudders of déjà vu. Do Democrats really want to stampede down that soggy path again?

I think they will and it will be a Gore-Obama ticket and while few are saying it now, Paglia nails it below after watching the Democratic and Republican candidates debate.
The second Republican debate, in contrast, overflowed with spontaneous energy. Yes, the contenders are all middle-aged white men, but they sure know how to give and take a punch! There was drama, humor and electricity (literally, when a bolt of lightning cut out Giuliani's mike). I continue to be alarmed at what I perceive as Republican momentum toward next year's national election. The confident Republican foregrounding of military and security issues is going to present a very high hurdle to the Democratic nominee. Democrats are already acquiring a dismaying reputation for underestimating the threat of global terrorism.


Rob said...

I don't know, I think Camille may be reading from an old script. Lately Dems are more trusted on national security than Republicans.

Calling for more of the same in Iraq and "doubling" Guantanamo appeals to Republican primary voters, but it sure won't fly in a general election.

Paul said...

Like her or not Ms Paglia is a keen observer and comments cogently on national politics.