Saturday, June 16, 2007

LaHood to go?

From Novak,
Independent-minded Republican Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois will leave Capitol Hill after 30 years as a House member and staffer if offered the presidency of his alma mater, Bradley University, in his hometown of Peoria. LaHood's liability in seeking the post is that he has no degree higher than a bachelor's.

A LaHood fund-raising coffee scheduled for last Wednesday on Capitol Hill was called off Monday with a terse e-mail: "Cancelled Till Further Notice." LaHood told me it would be "a little unseemly" to raise campaign money while he awaited Bradley's decision, though that is common practice by congressional colleagues facing similar situations.
Also at , the Trib, and With Hastert, LaHood both probably going, a chance to start fresh with the GOP delegation?

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Milton said...

It would be shame to see a class act such as LaHood to leave congress. Then we will get another Fascist Republican who want to give control to Big Business as Stalin did.

I hope you are wrong Mr. West side story. Are you Puerto Rician or something? Is that why we call you West Side Story?


--- Prof. Leland Milton Goldblatt