Saturday, May 26, 2007

"Valid university business" and "The ass that goes pow"

Today's ST on the audit of Chicago State University.
Two ''leadership seminars'' on Caribbean cruises for the university president, just a year apart. Two plane tickets upgraded to first class for an extra $1,500. A $995 meal tab covering $139 worth of alcohol and a 28 percent tip.
Robyn Wheeler, spokeswoman for the 6,600-student school, refused to answer specific questions about Daniel's travel, the audit, or the $10,000 in family travel perks.

''The substance of the transactions represent valid university business,'' Wheeler said.

And then this gem on Michelle "The ass that goes pow!" L’amour playing the Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health's 3rd Annual Spring Affair.

Burlesque joints had a gritty realism that seems lost in a do gooder's venue. This is too fake. Shame on Miss L'amour.

Only in Illinois...

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John Ruberry said...

Actually "Only in academia" is more appropriate.

Good find.