Saturday, May 26, 2007

Austin Bay on France's new Foreign Minister: Bernard Kouchner

Bay writes and provides plenty of links on Kouchner,
Nicholas Sarkozy strikes again — and again. Yesterday Saint Nicholas (”it’s Christmas for liberty”) appointed Bernard Kouchner as Foreign Minister. Touche’. Too-effin-che’. Magnifique. Kouchner supported the toppling of Saddam. Like Norm Geras and Christopher Hitchens, Kouchner’s a man of the Left who actually believes in liberty. Grind your teeth in your own buttock, M. Chirac.
And than nails it here,
As I’ve written — repeatedly– Iraq is a war of liberation. The War on Terror (as poorly named as it is) is a war for modernity. If you aren’t on the side of liberty and liberalization, if you aren’t willing to pay the hard price of winning for liberty and liberalization against the latest brand of fascism (Islamo-fascism), then you are part of the problem. No matter how many tattoos, ponytails, attaboys from Nancy Pelosi, and orientations you may wear, have, or profess, you’re at best a medieval frump, at worst objectively pro-terrorist.

What does Kouchner’s appointment mean for Iraq? Don’t dismiss it as too little too late. This is Sarkozy’s subtle comment on Chirac’s cowardice vis a vis Saddam (and possible connivance with Saddam). The time to evalute Kouchner’s role in the Iraq political game is late this fall. Let’s see Sarkozy-Kouchner’s response if General Petraeus provides a positive assessment in September of his Iraqi “surge.”
Nice to see 1968 live on this way.

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