Sunday, April 01, 2007

Speaker Pelosi and Syria's Michael Kilo

And then I wonder if Speaker Pelosi has time to discuss the fate of Syrian Dissident Michael Kilo while she visits with Assad.

From the Blog Free Michael Kilo Before One Year in Jail.
This Blog is created to help release Michel Kilo the Syrian political writer/journalist/analyst who was arrested unjustfully by the Syrian Authority just for writing expressing his moderate opinion. He had always being very patriotic and always looks for the well being of the country.

Other people are being arrested in Syria for no reason except to destroy the internal opposition and terrorize people into not even trying to whisper their views. Syrians are smarter than that and they won’t accept this crackdown, it is time for authorities to realize that we are in 2006 and not in the 70s or 80s.
Lebanon last year succeeded in changing the status-quo and it is time to prepare to do it in Syria.

Syria and Lebanon are inseparable but not like the syrian authorities would like to have it: united in misery and living through permanent Tension and us against the world mentality, thus exploiting the people and blaming everyone else for our problems and weaknesses while the rulers are enjoying Power and Wealth and corruption.

Syria and Lebanon should share the same values of Democracy, free Speech, Education, Free Market, etc not empty slogans but realities. Enough Wars and confrotations and empty rethorics. Time to rise politically like other opressed nations did in the past (Eastern Europe, Latin America), and economically like Europe and the rest of Asia (China, India, the Asian tigers). Syria deservers to be like any other prosperous country in Europe.

Prosperity and Freedom and Time for Syria to become a proud nation again, along with Lebanon and other Arabic nations.

Fares Al-Hurriya (Cavalier of Freedom), May 18, 2006

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