Monday, April 16, 2007

Sen McCain's VMI Speech

From McCain's VMI speech which is a very good speech indeed.
In Washington, cynicism appears to be the quality most prized by those who accept defeat, but not the responsibility for its consequences.

Before I left for Iraq, I watched with regret as the House of Representatives voted to deny our troops the support necessary to carry out their new mission. Democratic leaders smiled and cheered as the last votes were counted.

What were they celebrating? Defeat? Surrender?

In Iraq, only our enemies were cheering. A defeat for the United States is a cause for mourning, not celebrating. And determining how the United States can avert such a disaster should encourage the most sober, public-spirited reasoning among our elected leaders, not the giddy anticipation of the next election.

Also, a link to the same speech at McCain's website.

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