Sunday, April 01, 2007

Release Political Prisoners and Open Political Discourse in Syria

Bush's State Department speaks out Thursday for the release of Syrian Communist Mahmoud Issa and Pelosi goes to chat with Assad. I guess without a word about the US Press Release quoted below.
We deplore arbitrary arrest and detention of political prisoners by the Syrian government. We are concerned about the cases of Syrian political prisoners Anwar al-Bunni and Kamal Labwani, who are being tried in criminal court for expressing their opinions. We join others in calling on the Syrian government to immediately and unconditionally release them and other prisoners of conscience, including Mahmoud Issa and Michel Kilo. The continued use of arbitrary arrests and detentions of its opponents demonstrates the Syrian regime's contempt for accepted international human rights standards.

Open political discourse where people do not fear imprisonment simply for expressing their views is an essential element of democracy. The United States stands with the Syrian people in their struggle for universal freedoms and calls on the Syrian government to end its abusive practices.

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