Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kevin Drum looks at Obama and Clinton's response to Giuliani

Drumb blogs,
So I was curious: how would the Dem candidates respond? With the usual whining? Or with something smart? Greg Sargent has today's responses from Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton over at his site and the verdict is in: more whining. Obama: "Rudy Giuliani today has taken the politics of fear to a new low blah blah blah." Clinton: "One of the great tragedies of this Administration is that the President failed to keep this country unified after 9/11 yada yada yada."

Unbelievable. Neither one of them took the chance to do what Rudy did: explain in a few short sentences why the country would be safer with a Democrat in the Oval Office. Is it really that hard?
Drum doesn't try and at 113 comments as of 3:44 CST, there aren't many offering any. Just stuff like,
1)Redeploy troops from Iraq to Afghanistan, where Al-Qaeda is actually based.
2)Protect American citizens from unlawful invasions of their privacy by their government
3)Actually take steps to protect our ports, bridges, chemical plants, and nuclear reactors
So yes, I'd say for today's Democrats save Lieberman, it is that hard.


Rob said...

What is wrong with #3?

Bill Baar said...

The word Actually is a red flag. It implies we've been doing something fake instead, and if that's the case, the commentor should have been up front about it, so we would know what to really do.