Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hitchen's review of Ali Allawi's book: The Occupation of Iraq: Winning the War, Losing the Peace

Hitchen's writes a review of Allawi's new book and concludes,
I think I could pass an examination in the failures of our post-2003 policy and even add a few observations from experience. But I have never been able to overcome the feeling that Iraq was our ward and responsibility one way or another, and that canceling or postponing an intervention would only have meant having to act later on, in conditions even more awful and dangerous than the ones with which we have become familiar. Whether Ali Allawi now agrees with this I could not say, but his excellent and lucid book makes it a case that is extremely difficult to dispute.
I had a insigth on one of those failures in Bremer's book. Early on, Bremer writes his amusement with the Iraqi Communist Party's geriatric leadership (one of them was unaware Breshnev had died) and Bremer simply included them because the Brits asked Bremer too. The party may have been small and insignificant but Communists have built Trade Unions. Secular institutions which we should have supported and maybe armed for self-defense.

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