Thursday, April 05, 2007

DM Register's Yepsen: With Giuliani in it to win it, don't be surprised if he does

Iowa news on Giuliani,
Ted Sporer, the Polk County Republican chairman, who is neutral in the 2008 presidential race, said it's too early to predict winners but "right now, Giuliani and (John) McCain are the strongest in Iowa."

He said while there are small groups of vocal social conservatives who criticize Giuliani, "I think the level at which social conservatives control the Republican Party is really exaggerated. As a party leader, I can tell you I don't see that to the extent people believe that it's true.

"Giuliani will compete here and will do very well. He will be one of the high finishers in Iowa, barring something unforseen."

Diane Crookham-Johnson, a GOP leader from Oskaloosa who had been helping George Pataki before he faded, is now neutral in the presidential race, but said, "Giuliani has struck a chord with people in Iowa. There are issues beyond social issues that people are concerned about, and they see some of those in him. They see his approach to crime in New York and taxes. I hear people say he really is a Republican on those issues."

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