Friday, April 27, 2007

The Democrat's plan for Peace

This is the gibberish supporters of yesterday's vote really believe. From a comment by NBT over at Illinois review. It's going to be a harsh cold reality for Democrats and the tragedy is others will pay with their lives for this naive and arrogant misjudgement of our foes resolve to destroy us.
Best approach is to get troops out and the following will take place:

1. Iran and Syria will get serious and will do everything they can to bring an end to violence because neither of them want to see a chaotic Iraq.

2. Iraqi army and police will have to step up to the plate and stop hiding behind our boys to defendant their country.

3. Al Aaeda will lose its support--no more common enemy and without local support they become a meaningless entity.

4. with the violence having being reduced, rebuilding the infrastructure will be easier and faster--this is the single most important issue and one of the main reason why US is viewed as a failure.

All is all, it will not be bigger. It will not be costlier and it will not be bloodier for our boys (and girls of course).

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