Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Danny the Red's advice to Ségolène Royal

Conh-Bendit from The Guardian,
Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the German Green MEP and hero of Paris's student protests in May 1968, said a leftwing campaign would be "hopeless" for Ms Royal. He held crucial talks in the early hours of yesterday morning at the Socialist party headquarters to convince Ms Royal, whose campaign has been a mixture of leftwing economic policy and conservative social values, to move away from the traditional left. He told the Guardian: "If she tries to play it on the traditionally socialist card, she will lose, because France has veered right."

He said she must convince France she would change the way the elitist political class govern. She must also show she would push through change by acting as a mediator between politicians, unions and street protesters and that she is unafraid to update France's social model. "It's not a case of stopping people taking to the streets. There will always be street demonstrations in France. It's genetic, it's part of democracy. The key question is getting beyond that confrontation and reforming the country."

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